Spinfos - Quick reference job aids
Spinfos - Quick Reference Job Aids

The infographic below provides a summary on how training costs are distributed in an organization. Learn why Spinfos are a perfectly cost-efficient option. 

The Challenge In Corporate Training


The Classic Decision-Making Process


The Training Retention Gap


We Help you Close the Gap


An individual is constantly making decisions in the workplace at any level of an organization. How do corporations ensure that every decision made will adhere to corporate policies and procedures while avoiding negative consequences?

An individual in the workplace usually makes decisions by following a 4-step process: data collection, data aggregation, analyzing data, and execution. 


Corporate training is an essential part of the data collection stage. In this first phase, an individual collects information provided by corporate training programs, such as classroom and web-based training, along with corporate handbooks.


Following data collection, data aggregation is the process of centralizing the information into one area. Finally, individuals need to review and analyze the information in order to make the best possible decision at the execution stage.

Currently, many corporate training programs appear to have left a gap between the data collection and the execution stages.


For example, employees aggregate the data in a number of ways, which tend to be inefficient. Possibly, employees are reviewing these materials on a weekly basis or, in some instances, they don’t review the materials again until they are required to by the organization.


However, individuals are making decisions at all levels of the organization on a daily basis. Specifically, those employees who work in the field, whether it be in oil refineries or manufacturing facilities, are constantly facing the challenge to make timely decisions.

That's where Spinfos come in to help you overcome this challenge in the most efficient way. Your employees can use our customizable, patented, quick-reference job aids to easily access training materials, important processes, procedures and safety guidelines. The portable nature of Spinfos ensures the training is brought to the employees as close to the execution as possible. 



Most corporate training materials are not designed to be conveniently carried in a shirt or pants pocket. Spinfos are perfectly portable for professionals who need to quickly refer to important processes and procedures on the spot. 



Corporations are becoming more conscious about the increasing costs of training. Training professionals who have opted for Spinfos have avoided costs on repetitive training sessions or an expensive training materials process.



Important processes and procedures are accurately documented in Spinfos to act as a quick-reference. Spinfos ensures that a decision can be executed more efficiently and remain consistent to corporate standards. 



Our patented design has been applied at ease across a wide range of industries at an incredibly reasonable cost. Our in-house designers will also ensure that your corporate branding is properly reflected in your Spinfos.